Damask High Definition Labels

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Damask- A lustrous based thread has a smooth soft texture. Woven fabric labels favor damask as the ideal choice for most clothing labels. Typically considered high end and used for intricate details, such as signatures or small text. Damask is a thinner thread then other woven fabric labels, often referred to as Denier Density. Lower the denier, better the quality, but also higher the cost. You can use up to 8 colors, but the increase in color adds to the cost and weight of the clothing labels.

Damask is the choice for elaborate details to promote your brand name. Custom made labels for your labels made to order. Whether using for clothes, fabric, t shirts, sewing label tags or for craft projects, damask labels will bring out the best in making your product stand out on retail or online websites. All our labels are manufactured with top quality.

All woven fabric labels are custom and we would follow your requirement. For our clothing labels many cuts are available:

  • Straight Cut(cut all around for stitching all around),
  • Center fold(folded in half with a fold on one side and loose ends on other-label is sewn from loose ends),
  • Cut/End Folded (label ends are folded inward for stitching on the inside of folds).

Adhesive and iron backing clothing labels are available as well. Browse our vast selection of samples to find the best clothing label for your brand!



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