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Guide to Make the Best Labels for Your Custom Made Shoe Brand

Creating a customizable product and then marketing it well takes a lot of effort and an entrepreneur has to put in his/her best to make the brand stand out. Right from the designing to the last mile delivery, everything related to the brand has to be perfect and lead to that wow experience in order to retain that competitive edge.

On similar lines, a well-managed custom made shoe brand can do really well if it is marketed well as people are always on the lookout for such products. If your label stands out and is on top of the customer’s mind whenever they need a custom made shoe, your business is sure to become profitable in no time.

Xpresa Labels, with its years of experience in making custom woven labels has partnered with many such upcoming brands and created eye-catching labels that have given the brands a competitive edge. Experts at Xpresa Labels analyze the design and material requirements of the brand very carefully and then proceed with making the custom woven labels. This kind of attention to detail ensures that the labels complement the product very well. While experts at Xpresa Labels wonderfully take care of the manufacturing part for your labels, here’s how you can go about making one that stands out.

Design the Logo carefully:

The imagery you choose for your logo should clearly depict the central theme of your brand. For instance, if you are making slip-ons out of recycled materials that you collect from the beach and even adorning them with sea-shells and other such natural embellishments, you must have a logo that depicts the same. And since the logo is going to be on the shoes, it should not look too complicated and difficult to understand. Just remember to make it unique and the label will surely stand out.

Make strategic use of white space and space out the lettering:

For a shoe label to stand out, you have to make intelligent use of the white space. There has to be enough space between the lettering to make every piece of information clearly visible. This will enhance the readability of your label and make your label and brand stand out. The label should not look too cramped and if need be you can even add two labels and segregate the information. Besides, you may also have to put two separate labels on the shoe in order to add the required information. You can add one to the inside of the tongue which can have all the care information, batch number, manufacturer’s details etc. and one to the strobe with just the brand’s logo. If you are designing an open heel shoe then you may want to add on a separate hang tag in the shoe bag with all the care information.

Pick the material of the label carefully:

Before you place the order for manufacturing your labels in large quantities, you must carefully select the material that is to be used to make the label. Ideally, for custom made shoes you must use materials like satin or other soft fabric so they do not bruise the skin or lead to allergic reactions.

With little attention to detail and meticulous planning, you can always create a label that stands out and creates a unique value proposition for your custom shoe brand. If you partner with an experienced label maker like Xpresa Label creating a unique custom woven label that would complement your custom made shoe brand would never be an issue at all.

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Overview on Toy Packaging Requirements and Standards

Companies manufacturing children’s toys need to be very careful about the packaging of the products, so children are in no way harmed from them. Toy manufacturing companies as such need to adhere to strict guidelines regarding the packaging and labeling of toys.

Common Toy Labeling Requirements

Toy manufacturing companies have to be proactive about labeling their toys accurately. Toys with labels providing explicit information about how to use the product as well as the material used in making the product helps parents make the right buying decisions.

Xpresa Labels which is one of the foremost woven labels manufacturers works closely with many toy makers to make such high-quality labels. With their vast knowledge and industry experience, they not only make custom labels, also help new toy makers and entrepreneurs adhere to the guidelines related to labeling of toys.

Whether it is a woven labels manufacturer or a printed label manufacturer, anyone manufacturing labels for toys usually has to include the following information in the labels:

  • The location where the product has been manufactured
  • The date of production
  • The manufacturer’s name
  • Identifying specifications such as batch and model number
  • All relevant details related to sourcing of the product or the raw material used in making the same.

Toy Packaging Requirements

For a toy to reach the end-customer in pristine condition it is important to ensure that the same is packaged very carefully. Even though for most products, the package is ripped apart and thrown away in no time, companies cannot ignore the need for good packaging if they want their product to sell. Good packaging not only keeps the product safe and ensures it reaches the end customer intact; it also increases the brand’s worth. By ensuring that the following three guidelines are met while packaging a toy, manufacturers can easily score well on this parameter.

  • The Packaging should have all relevant information regarding the toy. Information on the package like age range, number of pieces present, operating requirements etc. is always appreciated.
  • The material used in packaging should be of the highest quality and nothing that is deemed unsafe for children should be used. It is even better if the material used is sustainable.
  • The packaging should also be compatible to the design of the product. With a proper compartmentalized packaging, the product will sit tightly and will be safe during transit too.
  • The packaging should enhance the overall appeal of the product. It is even better if the manufacturer can add a surprise element with the packaging of the product. *Another very important thing that has come up in several researches is that the package should be fairly easy to open and no tools should be required to open the same.

Since toys can be made of a host of different materials like wood, plastic, fabric, foam etc. the packaging and labeling requirements for each is different. For instance while in case of wooden or plastic toys, simple printed labels on the package are usually good enough, for soft toys woven labels attached to the side are mostly preferred by reputed brands.

With good packaging and proper labeling, toy manufacturers can easily pass all safety checks conducted by various government agencies. Additionally, by showcasing their attention to detail, toy manufacturers can also win the trust of customers and increase their sales. As such, every toy manufacturer must put in their best efforts in packaging and labeling the toy.

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Ways to make the Labels more sustainable

With increasing consciousness about adopting a sustainable way of life, different brands are realigning their practices in order to reduce waste as well as recycle all the waste generated. It has become extremely important for brands to showcase their efforts in reducing their carbon foot print in order to gain the trust of customers.

Xpresa Labels has helped many clients level up their efforts in making their products environment friendly by making their labels more sustainable. Since its establishment in the year 2002, Xpresa Labels has been making high quality custom woven labels, hang tags, adhesive labels and a variety of other kinds of labels for a plethora of clients. They follow sustainable manufacturing practices and also encourage their clients to adopt sustainably made labels. Drawing from their practices, here’s an overview on a few ways to make labels more sustainable.

Facilitate Recycling:

In a label manufacturing unit, it is extremely important to ensure that the products being used generate recyclable waste. PET bottles that contain ink for printing form a large portion of the waste which can be recycled. It is important to ensure that the ink does not contaminate the PET bottle as that will interfere with the recycling process. Pressure sensitive and shrink sleeve materials can be a great alternative here.

Use Recycled Materials for making the labels:

Using materials like re-cycled polyester from post-consumer waste and organic fiber can be a great way of ensuring that the labels are more sustainable. Using the same material used in making a garment in making a label can also be a great way of ensuring that the complete product is recycled at the end of its life cycle.

Use sustainably sourced raw materials:

Labels may seem to be a very small part of a product but even they need to be made sustainably in order to reduce the product’s overall carbon footprint. Using FSC certified papers and other such raw materials is a great way of ensuring that the labels are sustainable and will decompose in no time. Since these products are made from responsibly managed forests, it is absolutely worthwhile to invest in procuring them as they will eventually lead to a better tomorrow and lessen the mankind’s dependency on fossil fuels. Not just papers, even bio-based films are available which can be used to make quality labels.

Optimize the size and manufacturing process:

Optimizing the products and the manufacturing process is always a great way to reduce waste and decrease energy consumption. Steps like reducing the picks per centimeter or the weft density of the custom woven labels can be a great way to save on the yarn as well as downsize the label’s dimensions. Also, by adjusting the size of the label to fit in more, manufacturers can decrease the need for adding multiple labels for different kinds of information. Xpresa Labels has mastered the technique of creating sustainable labels and can immensely contribute to the whole effort of adopting sustainable labels in all kinds of products with their experience and expertise.

Make intelligent use of spent liner:

The liners used in adhesive labels also contribute to a major portion of the waste generated in label manufacturing. It is as such important to find ways and means to make intelligent use of the spent liner and even recycle it. The spent liners used in the labels must be free from contaminants so they can be recycled and reused. Also, care should be taken to pack them in a more compact manner so that more can be transported in one go.

All these efforts aimed at reducing, reusing and recycling can significantly help in making the labels more sustainable and contribute towards building a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

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Garment Labels: Some Unique styles that stand out


A clothing label may seem like just a little piece of fabric but it is way more than that. A clothing label carries all the vital information about a brand and often plays an important role in influencing people’s purchase decision. Custom designed labels add a special appeal to the apparel and ensure that the manufacturer’s brand identity is well established.

Xpresa Labels is one of the most trusted label manufacturers that have been making bespoke labels since 2002. They make high quality woven labels, printed labels, hang tags, furniture labels and more. Xpresa Labels has made a strong foothold in the industry with their quick deliveries and unique designing services.

Along with the usual woven or printed labels, at Xpresa Labels you can also get some unique designs such as the following custom made ones.

Beaded labels:

These labels stand out and never fail to catch the eye whether they are put at the back of the apparel or in front. The beads used here can be of varying shapes, gloss and colour and are extremely effective in making a bold statement.

Die Cut Labels:

These labels have a unique shape and look distinct because of the precise cut and finish that they have. The label is fashioned in the form of a little pillow and the brand’s logo is imprinted on it. These labels are not too big and are often used as a zipper pull.

Studded Labels:

Often found in very expensive and fashionable garments, the studded labels also help in creating a unique statement. These labels amplify the garment’s sophistication and appeal and give the wearer that feeling of wearing a premium product.

Sequential numbered Labels:

These labels are primarily used to prevent counterfeits from duping customers. Manufacturers put a specific number code on each label which not only helps in quick identification of the product also helps in retrieving relevant details about the product.

While these label designs certainly stand out, certain specific techniques are also used to ensure that the label never fails to catch the eye. Here’s more on the techniques.

Color selection:

It is important to ensure that the label does not blend in with the garment and that can be done by ensuring that the label is of a completely different color. The stark contrast in both, color and fabric can ensure that the label stands out and looks distinct.

Font Selection:

The font selection should be such that it is legible as well as uncomplicated. Ideally, the font used in making the logo should be similar to that used in the rest of the content presented. This creates a sense of seamlessness and is always appreciated by customers.

Label Placement:

For the label to stand out, it must also be placed in a position that catches the eye. Positions like the sleeve folds, zipper pulls as well as the place where the front and back fold of garments like long shirts meet are some very good positions where the label will stand out.

Whether it is high quality woven labels or printed labels, adding a little bling as well as being a little creative with the presentation goes a long way in helping the label stand out. Xpresa Labels has the experience and expertise to create bespoke labels of the highest quality that can go a long way in enhancing a brand’s image.

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4 common mistakes to avoid while ordering custom clothing labels

Labels play a very important role in establishing a brand’s identity and enhancing its image. It is as such extremely important to carefully select the labels so they are compatible with the brand and are in sync with the product’s identity.

Xpresa Labels has been in the business of label making since 2002 and have catered to a host of clientele with varied requirements. Right from woven labels to printed labels and damask label clothing, they have expertise in printing all kinds of labels and creating all kinds of complex designs. Having worked with so many different kinds of clients, they have seen the different kinds of mistakes that people make while ordering custom clothing labels and how these mistakes result in loss of revenue. Here’s more on some of the common mistakes to avoid while making custom clothing labels.

Carelessness while designing the label:

Many a times, while designing the labels on their own or uploading one on a website that makes custom labels, people tend to make mistakes with the color, font, pattern and even the spellings. When such carelessly done labels are printed, they not only hamper the brand’s image also create a very negative impression about the owners in the minds of the customers. People should thus be extremely careful while ordering custom clothing labels online.

Reluctance to check the art proof:

Checking the digital art rendering and sew out sample is another crucial step that many people tend to bypass in the label making process. This is however one mistake that people must avoid at all costs as this gives the correct picture of the size, the color, font etc. By rechecking the art rendering, people can always avoid mistakes if there is any. It is a good practice to sew out sample before ordering the final batch. This step is not only crucial for the individual ordering the label but the label manufacturer too as it eliminates all the double work.

Not adding enough sewing allowance:

For a logo or brand name to stand out prominently, the label must be sewn onto the seam with great care. People often forget to look into this and evaluate the amount of space that may be required to properly sew the label onto the clothing. For labels that must be sewn into the seam it would be enough to leave a space of .25”and for those that must be sewn on all four sides, leaving a space of .125” should be enough. The space left should be such that when sewn, the logo is centrally positioned.

Not ordering well in advance:

Not ordering the labels on time and trying to rush the production team to get a batch ready in the shortest possible time is another big mistake that people often make with custom label orders. Right from the damask label for clothing to the printed satin labels, getting the labels ready to ship requires a certain amount of time and rushing only makes the whole process very difficult for the manufacturers. It is as such advisable to order well in advance so there is ample time to check the proofs, rectify errors and then process the final order.

In order to avoid getting a whole batch of poorly made labels it is always good to look into all the aspects of the product, evaluate it carefully and then place the final order. Customers should also do their bit to understand the market sentiments and competition before ordering custom labels.

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Types of Folds and Cuts used in making Clothing labels

Apparel designers and manufacturers have to pay a lot of attention to different aspects of the garments in order to ensure that the individual wearing a particular piece is absolutely comfortable and the apparel too stands out in the crowd. And out of the many things that need attention, the labels are perhaps the ones that need careful planning as they carry the brand name and in most cases are in close contact with the wearer’s skin too.

Xpresa Labels, which is one of the best woven label manufacturers in USA has been catering to a wide range of customers since 2002. They have made a plethora of quality woven as well as printed labels and catered to a diverse clientele. Owing to the premium quality of labels they offer as well as the many options in terms of fabric and fold that are available with them, Xpresa has always been the number one choice for designers and crafters. While, the choice of fabric available with them has been extensively spoken about, here’s more on the different kinds of cuts and folds available with them.

Straight cut woven labels:

These labels are very easy to use and are often procured whenever there is a bulk requirement. As the name suggests, there are no folds in this and they are simply cut straight. Although these labels are mostly sewn on the top, some people also prefer to sew them on two sides. The edges of these labels are heat sealed which prevents fraying and increases the longevity of the product.

Center Fold Woven Label:

These labels are characterized by a prominent center crease. They are usually sewn into a seam and the crease is made in such a way that the label lies flat. The advantage of using these kinds of labels lay in the fact that both, the front and back of the label can be used to display the brand name as well as the care instruction if any.  Although many people also refer to these labels as loop labels, there is a stark difference between the two as the center crease is missing in the loop labels. The center end fold is a variant of the center fold which is mostly used on the outer hems of blouses or pant pockets.

Manhattan Fold:

These folds are designed to give a unique look and soft feel to the labels. These are almost always sewn on the hem tags and invariably give a very clean look. These are quite similar to the centerfold label but the folded upper part which works like an envelope’s flap to tuck the lower fold in makes it different from the centerfold labels.

Mitre Fold:

This is a dual purpose label which not only carries the brand name, serves a practical purpose too. Ideal for brand names and logos that fit best in a rectangular shape, these labels have the ends folded up to create two flaps that can be sewn into the seam. The label is supported by these flaps giving it an appearance of hanging from two tabs. This structure also creates a hook loop which people often find very useful while hanging the clothes.

While these are the most common label folds used by reputed woven label manufacturers like Xpresa labels, other variants like the custom die-cut labels and woven patches with overlock stitch on the rim can also be seen in many brands. Reputed manufacturers offer a plethora of options to the customers to choose from according to their needs.

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What are the benefits of using Satin Labels?

Labels are present in every garment and every product that we buy from a commercial establishment. None of us really pay much attention to these but without them neither would the product have any identity nor would the consumers be aware of the brand and other specifications related to the product.

Xpresa Labels is one of the most trusted label manufacturers, making labels of different kinds since 2002. Woven labels, satin labels, hang tags and more – you name it and they have a solution ready for you. Along with all the different kinds of labels that Xpresa Labels makes, their satin woven labels are especially popular in the garments industry. Here we shall take a look at the various nuances of satin labels and the benefits of using them.

The Material and make of Satin Labels:

These labels are ideally made from lustrous threads which are made from a polyester based material. The material used here is soft and as such non-abrasive. The softness of these labels makes them the preferred choice of many and they are always in high demand. The fabric used here is also quite convenient for weaving with different kinds of threads due to which they are extensively used and preferred for woven labels.

The benefits of using Satin Labels:

The texture:

The satin labels are quite thin and fine and yet are quite strong. As such, even with whole patterns and texts woven into them, they do not look bulky and create a prominent patch on garments which are of a comparatively thinner material.


Satin labels are more tightly knit because of the use of fine satin threads that are used to make them. This ensures that it is easier to weave even intricate patterns, designs and logos onto these. Any pattern or text woven onto these labels look absolutely flawless and stand out prominently.

Easy to attach:

The satin labels are quite easy to handle and even attach to any particular garment. Although of a very fine texture, these labels are not delicate and as such can be made in the form of sewing as well as iron-on labels.

Smooth on the skin:

The fabric used in making these labels is quite smooth and soft. Also, the threads that reputed label manufacturers use in weaving the logo and brand names are made from eco-friendly materials which are also safe for the skin. These labels can thus be used in kids’ clothing as well as active wear and all other kinds of garments.

The Satin woven labels have become the most preferred choice for labels across various categories of garments and as such, both big brands as well as bulk manufacturers prefer using them on their products.

In order to get the best quality of these labels, it is always good to source them from reputed manufacturers who have a strong online presence so these can be ordered from the convenience of one’s home or workplace after checking the proofs and quality provided.

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Here’s All You Need To Know About Labeling Sports Equipment

Just like every other product, even sports equipment and gear need proper branding and labeling. Proper representation of the company making the item is not only essential for strengthening the brand identity; it also helps in increasing the company’s revenue prospects. Sports labels need to be aesthetically appealing as well as highly durable and only companies like Xpresa labels can be trusted for such premium quality products.

Xpresa Labels has been in the business of making bespoke labels since 2002. They have created a niche for themselves in the industry with their quality products, premium designs, adherence to deadlines and excellent customer service. On Xpresa’s website customers can upload their own designs for the bespoke labels they want made in bulk and get the product made and delivered to their doorstep in a timely manner. Sports equipment manufacturers heavily rely on Xpresa labels for their requirements.

Labeling sports equipment is a little different from labeling garments or other such products as here the product carrying the label usually goes through a lot of abrasion. So here’s all you need to know about labeling sports equipment.

The material:

When labeling sports equipment you have to first ensure that the label is made of a durable material so it does not tear off easily. Also, the label must be waterproof and the color should not fade on coming in touch with rough or wet surfaces. Materials like vinyl are mostly used on products like balls and bats. Woven sports labels on the other hand are ideal for swim gear and other sports equipment that remain in contact with water.

The Size:

For the label to sit perfectly on the product and not peel off due to abrasion, you will have to put in the effort to identify the right area. Firstly, that particular area should be in a comparatively better no abrasion zone so that your label is distinctly visible and also does not come off easily due to abrasion. Secondly, you also have to ensure that the size of the label is such that it does not interfere with the product’s performance.

The Design:

A good quality sports label should carry your brand prominently. You should as such ensure that the label being used is brightly colored and positioned in a prominent spot. Also, a bespoke design for the label can make it stand out and create a lasting impression in the minds of the customers. A good label manufacturer with reputed in-house designers can always be consulted for such products.

The Printing Quality:

Good quality printed sports labels must have a clear and attractive print. The color palette used should be attractive and catchy so the label stands out even when viewed from far. If it is a woven label then quality of the yarn and the detailing in the weaving should be very precise and clear so that the label stands out.

The mode of attachment:

Before ordering any kind of sports label, you must also look into its mode of attachment. While self-adhesive labels are perfect for some sports equipment, on others you have to sew the label. As such, while placing an order you must remember to carefully look into how the label is supposed to attach to the product so that it does not come off easily when the product is in use.

Just like any other product, sports gear and equipment too need the right kind of labels to ensure that the brand name stands out and reaches out to the maximum number of target customers.

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Here’s How Woven Labels Add That Special Touch To A Clothing Brand

In today’s socio-economic framework, brand identity is taken very seriously as over time; people have been conditioned to associate certain products only with their brand names. The fact that photocopiers are popularly known as Xerox machines is a classic example of this very phenomenon. With cases such as these forming a frame of reference, most marketers today put in their best efforts to ensure that their brands stand out and have a competitive edge. In the garments industry, along with the quality and make of the apparels, the labels attached to them also play a significant role in creating this very brand identity.

Xpresa Labels is a renowned label manufacturer that has been creating bespoke labels of the highest quality since their establishment in 2002, helping many companies create a strong brand identity. Their commitment to quality, aesthetic sensibilities and fast turnaround times is highly valued by their customers who always come back to them for high quality woven labels as well as various kinds of printed labels. Xpresa’s woven labels are highly valued by customers because of their excellent quality and premium make. Their woven labels add that special touch to apparel and here we shall see how:


Woven labels can be the perfect medium to carry forward a brand’s message, identity and vision. Made with the highest level of precision, these labels speak volumes about the brand’s aesthetic sensibilities, commitment to quality and sustainability as well as eye for detail. The personal touch that these woven labels give to apparels creates that lasting impression on the customer’s mind. This in turn ensures brand loyalty and repeat purchases.


High quality woven labels made with premium fabric are not only soft on the skin; they also look very elegant and sophisticated. Moreover, since the designs woven on these labels are usually tailored with the best quality yarns, they add a touch of elegance to the apparel and also ensure that the brand’s identity is firmly established in the customer’s mind.


Irrespective of the base material that they are made on, woven labels are considered to be of the highest quality. The yarns used in making these labels are soft to touch and do not tear off even after repeated washing. Also, they do not leak color which not only helps in keeping their quality intact, also ensures that other clothes washed together are not destroyed because of the leaking color. Additionally, unlike other materials the woven labels do not become hard on washing and drying and remain soft to touch throughout.


A good label is one that lasts long and does not tear off easily on washing and drying. A label that does not come off easily not only depicts the brand’s commitment to quality also highlights their eye for detail. Additionally, a label that does not come off continues to carry the brand name along, thus reiterating the brand’s presence in the customer’s mind.

When it comes to woven labels, customers today have a huge choice as nowadays reputed companies like Xpresa Labels are making recycled woven labels, Damask woven labels, satin as well as taffeta woven labels. Carefully chosen woven labels of good quality make a huge difference to a brand and add that special touch to every garment.

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5 Things To Know Before Ordering Woven Labels


Labels are an extremely important part of a product. Whether it is a fashion accessory, clothing or furniture, the labels help customers identify the brand, understand the care instructions and also get all information related to the product’s make. Every brand must thus exercise great caution when selecting a label as along with the product the labels also help in creating an impression about the brand in the customer’s mind.

Labels are ideally of three kinds and are broadly classified as woven labels, printed labels and heat pressed labels. Xpresa Labels is one such organization that makes different kinds of labels and even takes orders for custom made products. This organization is the most trusted name when it comes to labels of different kinds.

Xpresa makes all kinds of labels for garments, fashion accessories, furniture and more. However, their custom woven labels, printed labels and hang tags are the most common products to be ordered. They also have facilities for making custom designed labels and customers can upload their logo and text directly on the website to get their orders printed in bulk. Of all the different kinds of labels that Xpresa makes the woven ones are most popular as they look quite elegant and greatly influence the overall perception of the brand. Although woven labels are most popular, you will only get the desired result if you place your order after taking a few of the following things in consideration.

1. The material:

The label that you attach with the garment will not only present your brand name but in its own little way also create an impression about your brand in the minds of the customer. Moreover, if it is a label that is stitched to the garment, the material quality becomes all the more important as in that case the label would be in touch with the wearer’s skin and it should not lead to any kind of allergic reaction or abrasion. Whether you are opting for custom woven labels or the printed ones, the material should also be selected as per the material used in the garment as otherwise it would create a very negative impression in the minds of the customers.


2. The Size:

This is another important factor that you must keep in mind when selecting a label. If you want to fit in a lot of information on one label then it would be best to have one that is a little big, else the content would not be clearly visible. However, if you want to put very little information like just the brand name, you must opt for a smaller label. However, in that case you will have to attach another label with care instruction, details of the size and other such vital information. You must try to consult the manufacturer about the size as that would help you get a better understanding of what would work best for your brand.

3. The Color:

While opting for custom woven labels, you must also try to be particular about the color of the label as well as the threads used to make the logo or write the caption. This is important as the right color combination will help in highlighting the brand and capturing the customer’s attention. Also, you should try to ensure that the thread used is colored using non-transferrable dye so that it does not spoil the garment when washed.

4. The Design:

The label’s design is also an important aspect that you need to keep in mind while ordering them. It can either be a small square label with the seams stitched or one with a fold or with frayed edges. The design should be in sync with your brand image too.

Design execution: When you order a custom woven label you should ensure that the manufacturer’s design team has precisely understood what you want. You should not only give them very specific and clear instructions also ask for proof of work before paying for the rest of the order.

The above mentioned five things are extremely important aspects that you must check before ordering for custom made labels in bulk.