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10 Mistakes to Avoid before Launching your Clothing Line

Many aspire to start their own clothing line, but only a few can taste success. Research reveals, 53% of clothing line businesses are likely to fail by the end of the fourth year. Many clothing businesses tend to be on the line because of a lot of reasons. Here are 10 mistakes an aspiring entrepreneur should avoid before launching their business.

  1. Your designs are common

People have become very conscious of their sartorial taste, and common designs are a big turn-off. Make sure the designs are unique and have a class appeal.

  1. Lack of research

How will you know which types of designs are more appealing to the mass? How will you decide which designs are in-demand but are not readily available? Research plays a huge factor in answering these questions, and many avoid this part. Online surveys can help you with your research work.

  1. No Variety in design and sizes

Of course, your clothing line will have a niche target audience, but even they will be expecting variety in designs and sizes. Don’t restrict yourself to monotonous designs and offer variety to retain customer loyalty.

  1. Not aware of competitor’s work

In a rush to launch their products, many end up ignoring their competitor’s work. It is really important to keep a close tab on your potential competitors’ work and move forward with your marketing strategies accordingly.

  1. Not having a website      

It has now become an imperative to maintain a website keeping the lifestyle trends of the millennials in mind. Many entrepreneurs lack this and restrict a lot of potential clients to reach their products. A mobile-optimized website has, therefore, become the need of the hour.

  1. Not maintaining a social media account

It is will be considered a cardinal sin if you don’t maintain your business accounts on Facebook. Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Invest a little in paid ads with images of your products with a link to your website to reach out to the maximum target group.

  1. Not paying heed to honest feedback

Clothes selection is relative and differs from person to person. Many designers can’t deal with negative feedback from their clients. Criticism will always help you make a list of things you need to incorporate in your designs to reach a broader spectrum of customers.

  1. Not making a realistic plan   

Many fail to create a well strategized promotional plan according to their budget. If your business does not match with your budget, then you should find partners who will help you with your finances.

  1. Not teaming up with e-commerce sites

The promotional plan should always include teaming up with leading E-commerce sites to reach out to maximum people and enhance online brand visibility.

  1. Not creating an attractive label and tag

A brand logo and label creates an impression in the minds of the buyers. It is really important to make an attractive logo and create custom clothing tags and labels aligned to your brand identity.

Create your custom label and tag here.

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Add Brand Value to Your Clothing With Printed Labels

There are many benefits of adding labels to your clothing. You can complete the look of the garment and add a professional finish with the right labels. Once you have come up with a good brand and logo design that represents your clothing line, you need to make sure people see it and recognize it.

If you invest time into creating your brand and labels you can efficiently add value to your business. Printed hang tag labels are a fantastic opportunity for you to add brand value to your clothing. They are custom made with your design and come printed in full color. Hang tags support the majority of design and can accommodate the finest detail as they are made using a printed card. These are attached to your clothing using a piece of string or pin promoting your brand in the store.

A hang tag can display anything you like to from your logo to website details. It’s a good idea to add your garment size and cost on there as well as this is what customers are usually searching for on the tag. The presentation is important to add the most value to your brand. Create an eye-catching tag that shows your logo on one side and essential information on the other. Create something exciting that will stay in the mind of your customers and become easily recognizable while they shop.

Printed labels are also used to add brand value to your clothing. They are created using satin and are usually a stock white background. They only offer limited colors, but are a simple way to add your text and logo. Printed labels are fantastic to add the necessary care instructions onto your clothing. They are sewn into the garment and are the cheapest of choices to add care instructions to your garment. There is a variation of cuts available to suit your requirements and sizes so you can choose suitable labels to match the garment size.

Good labels make your garment and your brand more professional. A lot of consideration for presentation and planning should go into the label before you add it to your clothing. The design you choose will be to your own taste as the labels are fully customizable. It’s important to take time creating your labels and even request a free sample to make sure you’re satisfied. You can show to friend or family and ask their opinion. You need to invest time into showing others the labels and ensure the image you are hoping to portray is what others see.

If you are creating your own clothing brand, satin printed labels and hang tags are a way of finishing off your product before sale.

Without the correct labels on your clothing people won’t know who has made it, how to care for it, and even the garment cost. If people can’t clearly see your brand, how will they recognize your brand in the future? A quality label will compliment your brand and assist in establishing your clothing professionally.

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Things To Remember When Designing Your Own Custom Printed Clothing Labels

If you’re thinking about starting a clothing line, then you will know it’s a competitive market. If you want your garments to stand out you must take extra steps to entice customers and create a memorable brand. Your garments may be highly attractive to customers, but that’s not enough if they can’t easily identify the size and cost.

There are two types of printed labels and below is what you need to remember about both when creating the design of your custom printed clothing labels.

Printed Satin Acetate label

These would be sewn into the garment and are soft to touch.

  • They are a simple way of adding your brand to the garment and are sewn in.
  • Make use of a printed Satin Acetate label by adding your logo, size, or care instructions.
  • Don’t overdo it on the design; the size of this label must be suitable for the garment it is being sewn into. You don’t want the label to be too big or too small.
  • Only add necessary information, so you don’t clutter the label.

Printed hang tag labels

  • A hang tag can be used basically as a business card. This goes home with your customer so add information such as your logo and website.
  • Use the hang tag label to allow customers to differentiate your clothing line from others. Add your brand and think of something quirky that will be memorable.
  • One of the main things to remember when designing you label is it must stand out from competitors. Don’t try to ‘fit in’ as you need a label that is unique.
  • Make sure you choose a label size that matches the garment you are attaching it to.
  • Make the labels attractive to draw the attention of customers.
  • Make sure the text is easy to read and stands out against the background color.
  • If you can create an attractive label you will draw the attention of your customers and they are more likely to remember your brand.

Some people prefer printed clothing labels to be minimalist, and some like something a bit bolder. Whatever you prefer, keep in mind your target audience. The label will be more powerful if you focus its design towards those that are most likely to buy the garment. Think of the range you’re creating as well, and if the style is sophisticated, keep the label sophisticated, or if it’s party wear, then create something a bit jazzier.

The main objective of printed Satin Acetate labels is to display your brand, garment size, care instructions, or any other relevant information that you wish to be sewn in. A hang tag is attached with a piece of string or pin. The design of this is just as important as it goes home with the customer and gives you more space to add your tagline/website and brand to increase brand awareness.

Use your labels to attract your customers and stand out from competitors by creating a design that is unique and eye-catching. These small labels offer a massive opportunity to establish a brand and promote your business.

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The Importance of Garment Labels For Care Instructions

It’s necessary for you to attach care labels to your garments to ensure buyers can care for their garments as best as possible. The care label must be attached to the garment permanently and be sufficient to withstand the life of the garment.

A care label will tell your customers the quality of your garment. They will know exactly what fabric the garment is made of and that they are not just buying something that looks similar to what they want. The fabric used is usually reflected in the cost of the garment as well, so with the right garment care labels, customers can easily check they are getting value for money.

What information is it important to display on the care label?

    • Fibre content should be displayed, including the percentage of each fibre used in the production of the fabric.
    • You should also disclose the country of origin of the garment.
    • Garment labels should have the manufacturer’s details on them.
    • A care label should display at least one method of cleaning. If there is anything in particular to your knowledge that could damage the garment, then add this on there as well.
    • The recommended washing temperature.
    • The size of the garment.
    • Whether the garment is suitable for dry cleaning, machine washes, hand washes, and use with an iron.

It’s important for some people to know the material a garment is made from as they may be sensitive to some fibres. They may get a reaction if they buy a look-alike and would be unaware before their purchase if a care label wasn’t present. Some people may be influenced into to buying a garment if it suits their preferred care methods.

Caring for garments effectively will help them to remain looking great for longer. Without the proper care, garments can shrink, fade, discolor, and become unsightly. The provision of care labels aids the wearer in taking the sufficient steps to keep garments looking fantastic.

Garment labels for care instructions are usually printed or sewn into the inside of the garment permanently. There are different types of cut available:

    • A straight cut which is a flat piece that would be stitched all the way around.
    • Centrefold – the fabric is folded in half and the loose ends are then sewn in.
    • Cut/end fold, the label ends are stitched on the inside of the folds.

The most popular choice for care labels is a centerfold. Time and cost of the label can be reduced by opting for a centerfold cut. This allows enough room on the label to fit the required care information, garment size, and country of origin onto one label without the need of extra labels. Using a centerfold care label saves time and money as you don’t have to attach various labels to the garment.

Woven or printed labels are custom made to your design. You can receive a quick quote and a free sample to see your work before you commit to a bulk order. Get your labels right and present your garments the professional way.

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Woven Damask Labels for Effective Clothes Branding

Posted on: Mar 15, 2016

Damask is touted to be a high end woven clothing label with intricate and fine details that is always pleasing to the eyes. The materials used to make woven damask labels are extremely soft and that is the main reason it is considered to be the standard label commonly used on clothes. Woven labels are the current favorite among buyers and that is why entrepreneurs are focusing on using woven damask labels on their clothes. These labels might be the current favorite and the preference for all, but these labels are not appropriate for all clothes type. Like for instance, damask woven labels are not suited for baby clothes. In case of baby clothes satin labels are best suited because the soft texture is best suited for a child’s sensitive skin.

Woven damask labels are mostly used for high-end fashion clothes because they add to the visual appeal. Interestingly, the labels also help in branding your clothes and in establishing a connect with the target buyers. Let us find out the brand connect that woven damask labels create.

  • Distinct Identity – Damask woven labels have their distinct identity and it is important for the clothes store to maintain an identity. Having these labels help you maintain that individual identity. A clothes brand always starts with a vision and it is important for products to be an extension of that vision. Clothes labels and the apparels should be at par with this vision.
  • Consistency in Label Designs – The label designs need to have a certain flow and consistency in terms of look, quality and the overall design. Damask labels have a certain visual appeal which is good. It is important for label designers to enhance the visual appeal of the labels by coming up with great designs.
  • Polarized Target Audience – Polarizing your brand is very important and it is important for a clothes brand to take a stand in the market. It is mandatory to remember that you cannot please everyone in the market. So, make sure your products are a reflection of a certain section of the people. Damask woven labels will help in polarizing your target buyers effectively.
  • High-End Fashion – Woven damask labels have a class of their own and that is high-end fashion. So, when using these labels, it is important to have the clothes equally attractive and a reflection of high street fashion. Make sure that the clothes are trendy and they appeal to that section of the consumer market.

Branding is an effective tool to grab attention, but at the end of the day it is important to offer best quality clothes. Woven damask labels add to the visual appeal and maintain high quality. It is important for target buyers to take note of the good quality clothes that a clothes store offers and that is possible with the help of effective branding.

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Starting A Clothing Business With Clothing Labels

Whatever it is that has given you the push to express your talent into a clothing line, you must focus on your plan. Finding your place in the market should be the starting point of your journey. It may be your own unique style of children’s clothing, menswear, womenswear, or work clothing. Once you have found your place in the market you can focus the rest of your ideas around your target audience, and building your brand, garment labels, and establishing costing.

You must already be creative to be starting a clothing business in the first place, so this part should be enjoyable. Once you have clothing designs in place you can move forward to create your brand. Creating your brand and increasing brand awareness within your target audience is as important as the clothing itself. If you want to find your niche in the market and make an impact you must stand out. Design a suitable logo to represent your brand, which you can add to your clothing line using labels.

If you’re thinking of starting a clothing business you need the right clothing labels to be able to offer your garments to customers professionally and to incorporate all the information they need. There are many different types of garment labels that you can add to your clothing line to make the clothing and brand stand out and achieve a professional finish.

    • Hang tag clothing labels are attached to the garment using a pin or string. These offer a way for customers to easily find information such as price and size. They offer you a fantastic opportunity to get creative as they are made using a printed card. Add your brand, website, cost, and garment size as well as any other relevant information.

Care labels are necessary to provide your customer with the care instructions to keep your garment looking great. They can be printed or woven, both have their benefits.

    • Printed labels are made using satin or taffeta. They are very cost effective but may fade over time. Color options are limited, but the colors are very vibrant. The finished label will be soft and have a luxury feel to it. The printed method is fantastic for small, complicated detail.
    • Woven clothing labels are more expensive, but last a very long time without fading as the pre-colored thread is woven tightly using a loom. Woven labels look more high-end for longer than printed labels as they are very durable. There is a fantastic choice of vibrant colors and small detail can be displayed clearly.

All of these labels give you the chance to transform your clothing line into a business. Choosing a label that fits the style of your clothing will complement your design and make your clothing instantly unique. Keep your labels simple, so your brand can be easily identified Tags that are out of the ordinary will be the most memorable. Choose a design that is eye-catching and use your creative side to think of unique ideas for the color schemes, shape, and style.


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Brand Clothing Labels For Your Work wear

Giving your employees branded clothing for work wear will immediately create a professional business image. Uniforms that display your business logo, brand, and color scheme not only look great, but have a lot of benefits and solutions in the workplace. If you’re looking at adding your brand to your work wear, here is everything you need to know.
Giving your employees a uniform to wear has many purposes. The same clothing will unite your team and help them to maintain a professional image while wearing the uniform.

Without a uniform the dress code can always become somewhat of a pain. Everyone has a different idea of formal and informal dress making it hard decision of what to wear every day for employees whilst trying to adhere to the companies suitable dress code. Branded clothing labels for work wear allow your employees to know exactly what to wear everyday and avoid the risk of employees wearing inappropriate clothing or something too casual. It’s great for the team, as they don’t have to figure out what to wear every day and don’t have to foot the bill for new clothing that is appropriate for work.

Wearing a uniform looks so much more professional in the eyes of a customer as opposed to employees wearing mismatched own clothing. If a customer needs a hand with something, it’s really inappropriate to leave them guessing who is a fellow customer and who works in the business. A uniform allows customers to easily identify who works in the business and approach them with ease. A uniform is an identification tool and also builds trust with your customers that your team are there to carry out the job at hand.

Brand clothing labels help you to build on your company brand and image. Giving your employees a unique identity will show your customers you’re not just an amateur; you are a well-established business that is organised, well-presented, and professional. Branded clothing is about expressing the unique identity of your business and ensuring employees stand out as the face of the business. Having your brand easily visible on your employees clothing will encourage customers to easily recognize your brand in the future.

Offering your employees a uniform doesn’t need to cost a fortune either. Adding brand clothing labels to suitable clothing is sufficient enough for you to benefit from the cost. A brand label is usually a small piece of fabric to represents your business using a logo or business name. Use the logo to represent your business and ensure you are easily identifiable by adding your unique identity and design.

Woven labels are the most popular choice for branded clothing solutions. The method and thread used allows fine detail to be clearly displayed. Woven labels are durable and cost effective as they will withstand the regular washing that a uniform requires. For work wear, you must choose a durable and high quality label to portray the professional image that you’re looking for as choosing something low quality won’t represent your business in the way that you wish. Add your brand and create an interesting label that is easily recognizable to represent your business.

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Design Your Own Custom Woven Labels In 10 Simple Steps

If you’re looking to create a custom clothing label, then woven labels are the perfect solution. Woven labels are hard wearing and their vibrant colors withstand wash after wash. You can use the labels to add a special touch that increases brand recognition and displays important information to your garments. A personal touch makes all the difference and can be added easily with the right label.

Why would you use custom woven labels? They are a fantastic way of personalizing a garment or accessories, and they make garments look so much more professional. The small finishing touches really do mean a lot and can add a professional, but personal stamp onto your garments.

With great design options that are simple to use, you can fully customize your label in just a few simple steps.
1. Begin by selecting the type of cut or fold you require. You can select from a woven label that is straight cut with no fold, or select an end/middle/left/right or Manhattan fold with examples shown in diagrams to guide you.
2. The next step towards creating your custom label is to select a suitable size. Remember, you must create it big enough to display the information you require clearly, but the size must also be suitable for the garment that it will be attached to.
3. Add your text and easily select the font size and alignment you require on the finished product.
4. Personalize the writing style by selecting the font that matches your design.
5. Select your background color that represents your brand, or that you have used in your design. Select from 23 different colors or you submit a pantone color code for a more accurate match to your requirements.
6. Select your text color; the same applies as above as you can choose from the standard options or use the pantone codes. Consider how well the font color will stand out against the background color when you make your selection.
7. Add extra detail by adding a symbol. There’s a huge range of categories to choose from.
8. Choose from taffeta, satin, or damask for your custom woven labels. Make your decision considering points such as how vibrant you need the label to be.
9. If you have opted for straight cut labels you can choose between iron on, or adhesive labels. These aren’t suitable for washed items and are more for accessories.
10. Last of all, select your required quantity. You can request a free sample if required to make sure you’re happy with the finished product before you order.

Personalization has never been so easy and adds a professional finishing touch to your garments. High-quality clothing labels in a range of cuts and folds are available with huge range of colors. Fully customize your labels to match your brands font and color scheme. Purchase only a small quantity of woven labels if you require, or buy in bulk. A free sample is available to give you a true image of the finished product, so you can’t go wrong.

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The Top Uses Of Printed Fabric Labels

Labels are used on all types of clothing, such as dresses, t-shirts, cardigans, trousers, and also bags and accessories. They aren’t ‘just a label’ as they serve a purpose on all garments. When thinking of adding labels to your clothing line, you need to make the most of your label by considering what their purpose is for you.
The labels are made using printed satin; this gives them a soft luxury feel that is still durable. Satin is soft to touch so is great for clothing as it’s soft on the skin. Your design will be displayed in a variety of vibrant colors that look fantastic! Alongside looking great, these labels have a variety of uses:
● Use your label to display important care instructions, such as dry clean only, or the washing temperature of the garment.
● For clothing a size label is a necessity, but you can add the size and your brand onto this label for a personal touch to your garment.
● If the sole purpose of the label is to add your brand, then add your website on their as well, or tagline if you have one.
● Depending on the cut of the label you can really make use of the opportunity to add information such as care instructions, your brand, and size. They should all be added, but don’t overcrowd the label too much.

To achieve the best results when creating your label only add necessary information. Fabric labels are a useful way of promoting your brand, displaying important care instructions, and sizing information. Add what you can without adding too much. You don’t want your label to be overloaded with information and may need to opt for a larger printed label.

You can always use separate labels if you have more to add and put them in a different place on the garment. Always consider the color schemes of your font against the background and ensure you choose colors that will stand out. When choosing the size of your label you must consider the garment it’s going to be added to. If you opt for a small label it may only be suitable for sizing information or a small logo only, so you will need additional labels for more information.

Printed fabric labels offer you a huge variety of vibrant colors and fancy fonts. The printed label method gives you fantastic fine detail, so you can add your logo or brand clearly and professionally. Quality is important for the fabric, but your design is important too, so make sure you’re happy with the information on the label and that the label is clutter free and clear to read.
You can easily design your own labels for your craft project or clothing line. It’s simple to do and support is available if you need it. Printed labels are a beautiful addition to your garment and add a personal touch to any fabric craft. Easily design your labels for craft, handmade clothing, or your own clothing line with help at hand.

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Top Uses Of Printed Fabric Labels


Printed labels are versatile and can be used on a variety of garments. Apparel, clothing, lingerie, accessories, and shoes can all find a use for printed labels. They can be used on almost anything and are soft and flexible. It’s a fantastic, cost effective way to display important information.

When used correctly, fabric labels can become a marketing tool. It’s important to add relevant information, but if you don’t incorporate your brand too it’s less likely people will spread the word. The potential of adding your brand to your garments is huge and can be used as a very effective marketing tool.

Care Labels can come as an individual label or reverse label so you can incorporate other information, such as continued instructions or your brand on the other side. Care labels are designed to ensure your customers care for your garment properly e.g. whether it’s safe to use a tumble dryer, washing temperature etc. They also ensure that, with the correct care, your garments are given then longest lease of life showcasing quality. Printed fabric labels would be created in a simple design displaying only necessary information clearly.

Printed fabric labels can also be used as brand Labels. If you choose to go for a mid-fold label you can add your brand on one side and care instructions on the other. They can be cut / folded as you desire. Printed satin is highly recommended for a soft luxury feel and are a fantastic choice on garments such as lingerie or nightwear as they are flexible and soft against the skin.
Size Labels indicate the size of the garment. It might sound simple, but is an essential label for any clothing garment. You can have this just displaying the size or add your brand or care information as well. Don’t overload the label; you do need separate information on separate labels. Although, with garments such as lingerie, you may not have the space to add the essential information on more than one labels.

Printed labels are completely customized for your needs. They are fully customized to include your brand, logo, care information and size information. If you’re creating your own unique apparel you need to personalize it by adding your brand. This should be done from the beginning of your journey if you’re planning on creating your own clothing line. Small time fashion designers should add their mark to their apparel as this mark will be the difference between gaining brand recognition if you desire to expand.

The essential labels such as care instructions and size should always be incorporated no matter what your future plans are, to determine the capabilities of your design.

When creating your labels a professional will use high quality materials for the best results. A smooth finish and feel can be achieved that will advertise your brand and provide benefit to your customers. Customize your labels to your required specification suiting your design, color requirements, size, and cut.

All you need to do is use the design tool to add your specifications and create the label with your own imagination. Give your apparel a professional and bespoke look that is personalized to suit your brand and your garments.