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Easy Ordering for Quality Custom Woven and Printed Clothing Labels

Xpresa Labels is a premier online manufacturer of custom woven and printed apparel clothing labels since 2001.

Types include printed satin acetate, hang tags, woven damask, satin, and taffeta labels. Choose with straight cut, centerfold, and cut/end folded types or with heat seal/adhesive backing.

Suitable for clothing, garments, industrial warning, branding for sports, furniture or accessories. Serves the decor, fashion, and brand identification industries.

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Our Products

Xpresa Labels is US supplier of custom woven labels clothing label, and printed tags. We are one of the first and most respected producers of quality labels used for clothing, apparel, garments, used for all industries including decor, fashion, industrial, and brand identification.

We offer various textile labels, including taffeta, satin and damask. We have many size, cut/fold and options for Heat Seal(iron on) and Adhesive labels.

You can design or upload label logos for woven, printed or hang tag label products. Use our Design Quote section to make your own label, see prices and checkout or use our Custom Quote to upload your custom logo label.

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